Knowing When it’s the RIGHT TIME to Sell Your Miami House!

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about selling your house. Perhaps, wondering if it’s the right time. Well, don’t stress. Answer These Questions To Know When You Should Sell. We’ve put together a few questions that you can ask yourself to help you figure out whether it’s the right time to sell your Miami home!  What … Continued

How Much Will Listing Your Miami House REALLY Cost You?

If you plan on listing a Miami house, there are costs to contend with before you list, during the listing process, once an offer has been made and when you find yourself at the closing table. House values depend on a lot of factors. But, more often than not it comes down to the local … Continued

How To Sell Your Florida House With Tenants

Do you own an investment property in Miami that isn’t making any money? Are you’re tired of constantly battling with disrespectful and downright rude tenants? Every Landlord Knows How Difficult Managing Some Tenants Can be. So, it’s no surprise that there are several reasons why a homeowner would want to sell a house with tenants … Continued

Try this NEW WAY to Sell Your Home in Miami

Are you planning on selling your Miami house? Before you commit to an agent or have a go selling it yourself, you should check out this NEW WAY to sell your home in Miami! For most people, the thought of selling their Miami house will likely involve uploading their property on the MLS (multiple listing service) … Continued

How To Sell Your Florida House With Liens or Tax Problems

As a homeowner in Miami, it can feel impossible to sell your house with liens or tax problems. If you don’t have the cash to pay off the debt, you could end up stuck with a property that drives you further and further into debt. But don’t panic! Today’s post will explain how to handle … Continued

Hiring An Agent in Miami┃Worth It or Not?

For a lot of homeowners, their first thought when they decide to sell their home is, “Right, what real estate agency should I call?” or “Who should I hire as my agent?” Agents can be a wonderful asset, representing your home in a professional manner and taking care of all the work so you don’t … Continued

Can A Miami House Be Sold During Probate In Florida?

Let’s get straight to it! The answer to the often-asked question, “Can a Miami house be sold during probate in Florida?” is YES. BUT you must adhere carefully to your state’s pertinent rules and regulations. The Probate Court Will Monitor Every Step You Take. If you’re the executor, you too must oversee and approve all … Continued

Selling Your Florida Home Without Help From An Agent

More and more people are relying on their own expertise and knowhow to solve problems are in some cases earn money. People trade stocks without a stockbroker. People create wills and trusts without attorneys. Many even remodel homes without contractors. Homeowners Are Taking Selling Into Their Own Hands. As independent as everyone is becoming, why … Continued

Inherited a Property? Here’s What Can Go Wrong in Florida

If you’ve suddenly inherited a house, you may not be prepared or emotionally ready for the questions and issues that arise. Plus, the wrong decision could lead to financial problems and issues amongst family. Know What Challenges You Could Face! Knowing what hurdles and obstacles may crop up is the first step and will benefit … Continued

Land Investment in Miami┃GUIDE

Land is often overlooked when it comes to real estate investment. And no surprise there is amazing potential in land investments that many investors never tap into! Don’t Miss Out On Profiting From A Land Investment! Land can be an excellent entry point into investing or a way to diversify an already robust portfolio. Investors from … Continued

The Probate Process┃How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Probate is considered a simple process of administering a decedent’s estate. But, many of us have heard headache-filled stories detailing how long and tedious the probate process ends up being. The reality is both. When done right the probate process for a house in Miami is simple and quick. But, done wrong, it can feel … Continued

Sustainable Investment Growth in Florida┃5 Tips

Many newbie investors get into real estate thinking they will instantly get rich quick. This is rarely the case. There is a lot more work that goes into successful investment growth. Don’t Fall For Get Rich Quick Schemes! The trick is to look for more than just great investments but also opportunities that will provide … Continued

Tax Consequences┃Selling an Inherited House in Miami

The tax consequences when selling an inherited house in Miami can be hard to understand and figure out. The relevant laws may seem fairly simple at first glance, but quickly become complicated when you start factoring in all the legal conditions and nuances. The short version comes down to whether or not you made gains. … Continued

How to Deal with Bad Tenants in Miami!

These days more and more people are looking at real estate as an opportunity to generate more income – specifically rental properties. However, if you’re luck takes a turn for the worst and you end up with bad tenants, your wonderful investment can quickly turn into a nightmare! Irresponsible tenants are notorious for being behind … Continued