3 Ways To Appeal To Florida Buyers

Taking time to choose a well thought out asking price will bring a lot of interest to your [marker_city] home. However, you’ll want to be smart and employ some additional tactics to attract multiple buyers.

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Appeal To Buyers By Increasing Curb Appeal

First of all, what’s curb appeal?

Curb appeal is the initial feeling a buyer gets when they walk up to the front of your property. It’s the view of your home from the road, and it can make a significant impact affecting the number of offers your receive.

Try starting with the front yard and make some small adjustments.

Perhaps, take some pictures of your home from various angles and look at the photos from a purely logical perspective.

What will potential buyers notice? Is there anything that looks unkempt or messy? Could you make any alterations that give the impression that the home has been cared for?

Luckily, you can do most things on your own with a relatively small budget. Touch up the trim, paint the mailbox and plant some flowers near the walkway. Hide your trash cans and keep the yard weed-free. Tidy away bikes and personal items that also tend to get left out in the yard.

Consider setting up the furniture in an attractive and welcoming manner, anything that can help the buyer imagine themselves hosting BBQs and get-together with their friends and family.

Also, keep the backyard neat and tidy, with both areas nicely landscaped and well maintained. Flowers are always a great addition. But don’t go overboard and create a high-maintenance garden.

Don’t build a whole new patio or deck. You won’t receive a worthwhile return on investment, and most potential buyers would prefer to carry out more substantial renovations themselves.

Avoid Over-Personalization

Your property should be warm and inviting with a few personal touches that are universally appealing.

The goal is to help buyers imagine the property is theirs and not make them feel like they are intruding in yours.

You might think, what’s the problem? It’ll all be boxed away and empty when we leave?

But, the buyer’s first impression is critically important and will set the tone for the rest of the viewing. If your house is cluttered and crammed with personal stuff, shoes, kid’s toys, laundry, dishes in the sink, the buyer’s initial reaction will be negative, and this could stay with them during the viewing (regardless of how great your property is).

Box away the clutter and don’t have too many personal photographs on display or paperwork strewn about. Consider decorating with a couple of bold statement pieces, and put some interesting books on the shelves.

While it might be a lot of work for you and your family, your home needs to be extremely clean and kept that way until you move.

Appeal To Buyers By Setting The Mood

Viewing a property isn’t just about what you see. It’s also about how you feel. Therefore you need to consider appealing to the buyer’s other senses and setting the mood or tone for the moment they walk in the door.

This involves keeping the lighting soft and gentle, playing music quietly in the background to help people relax. Nothing kills the atmosphere more than awkward silence. Light a candle that smells of fresh bread or something warm and soothing.

Keep your color pallet neutral. This allows buyers to envision how they could set up and decorate the rooms. A great way to add color is with pillows and other decorations, not paint. Bright and overpowering wall colors may put people off since their first thought will be, “How will I fix that?!”

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