5 Home Selling Tips in Miami during Summer

Summer comes around fast! Maybe by the time you’ve found this post, it’s already here and you’re enjoying the fantastic beach weather. Or, perhaps you’re thinking about selling your home this summer or already trying to sell it now.

Either way, with summer coming up, homeowners who are looking to sell will be wondering…

What’s The Best Way To Sell My House During The Summer?

If you’re one of these homeowners planning to sell your house this summer, then you’re in luck. Check out our post below for 5 Hot Summer House Selling Tips in Miami.

Tip #1┃Run The Air Conditioner And A Fan

When viewing a property, one of the first things buyers look for is whether they feel comfortable and can picture themselves transforming your house into their home. Families and couples will be less likely to put down an offer if they can’t relax during a property viewing. During a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing that says “comfort” like a cool, refreshing home environment.

Keep the air conditioner running and put a couple of fans around the house. The conditioner will ensure the house is cool while the fans will help circulate the cooler air and avoid any warm spots or stale air from building up.

Tip #2┃Power Wash The Outside Walls

Although the exterior walls of your house might not be something you think or care too deeply about, buyers during a property viewing are more likely to notice and criticize even minor details. It’s understandable, though. Purchasing a house is a big investment.

Potential buyers will want to look at every aspect of your home. And, during winter and spring, the exterior walls can attract a lot of grime and dust. This certainly takes away from the appeal of your property. Spend a bit of money and one afternoon power washing the outside walls. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make. Your house will look clean and fresh, helping it stand apart from the other houses on the street.

Tip #3┃Add Flowers

Flowers are an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your home. A clean, white kitchen or simply decorated living room will come to life with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the window or around the mantlepiece. You can also buy flowers to plant around the outside of your home to liven up the yard or garden.

Don’t hold back! Plant as many flowers around your garden to make your home beautiful and inviting! It’ll be summer soon and the perfect time for brightly colored flowers and garden plants.

Tip #4┃Invest In A Lush Lawn

Nothing is more dull and depressing than a dead, dry, and weed-ridden lawn in the height of summer. Summer is the time for BBQs, music, and relaxing in the garden with a good book. To sell this idea, make sure your garden is in tip-top shape with a lush green lawn.

As soon as possible, start seeding, fertilizing, and watering your lawn. Don’t be afraid to over-seed it in order to get even more grass growing as thick as possible!

A vibrant and cared-for garden will help add to the perceived value of your home. It will also give the impression that the property is well maintained and looked after.

Tip #5┃Set The Stage

People purchase a house because they see that particular property as somewhere they could live and call home. That means it’s vitally important that you help people see this vision! For that reason, consider setting the stage and turning a house viewing into a welcoming and almost casual event. Rather than a stiff, awkward tour around your property, try to lighten the atmosphere so they really enjoy being in your home.

Bring the barbecue and patio furniture close together. Set the table. Have some biscuits and fresh lemonade with glasses on the counter. Create a friendly atmosphere!

But, don’t forget it’s still a house viewing and you still need to be prepared and professional when buyers do ask you difficult questions about your property.


If you’re thinking, “I want to sell my house this summer,” use these 5 Hot Summer House Selling Tips in Miami to help you make your home even more attractive to buyers.

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