5 Ways Selling Your Florida House FAST Will Benefit You

5 Ways A Fast Sale Of Your Miami House Will Benefit You

Ask any investor, and they will tell you how a fast sale of your house in Miami is the best way to maximize your profits. Owning a house can be expensive when you factor in all of the holding and selling costs.

Taxes, Utilities, Cleaning, & Staging Are Just a Few of the Expenses You’ll Face.

Plus, that’s without including expensive agent commission fees that you’re expected to pay. To make matters worse, when you list your house with a Miami real estate agent, you will have no way of knowing when it will sell. It could take months to find a buyer and close, ultimately costing you thousands of dollars in holding costs along the way! Keep reading to discover how selling your Florida house fast can benefit you in Miami!

End Your Holding Costs

It’s costs to own real estate. These costs will sting even more if you’re stuck investing cash into a house you aren’t crazy about. When you list your house in Miami, it could take months before a buyer is found.

While your house sits on the market and throughout the escrow process, it’ll be up to you to pay the taxes, utility bills, insurance costs, maintenance expenses, and mortgage. This could amount to thousands each month, which we’re guessing could be better spent elsewhere!

Sell Without Making Repairs

Repairs can quickly skyrocket beyond control. One moment you fixing a few broken tiles the next, you’ve discovered a damp problem building up in the bathroom that could take months to fix. We understand how it can feel counterproductive to spend a fortune on a house that you are trying to get rid of.

That’s why many homeowners in Miami are opting to sell fast and bypass the repairs alltogether! You can also list it on the open market AS-IS. However, you will secure a much faster sale by approaching a direct buyer such as our team at Sunshine State Buyers or a professional, verified investor.

Avoid The Stress

Everyone assumes that selling is tough but unless they’ve experienced the stress firsthand, we doubt they’ll truly understand just how nerve-wracking selling real estate can be. There are just so many unknowns.

First, it’s impossible to know when you will find a buyer. Second, there’s no guarantee of what kind of offers you will receive when putting it up on the local MLS. Third, there’s no telling who’s offer may fall through at the final stage or what contingencies the buyer puts in place to protect themselves.

Overall the process can be risky and certainly very stressful for anyone who wants to move within a specific timeframe. On the other hand, a direct sale to our team at Sunshine State Buyers provides you with all the information you need upfront. We tell you straight away what we can offer and when we can close by! No more uncertainty. No more stress!

Don’t Miss Out

When your property is caught up in a listing agreement, you may see your dream property come and go. Having your funds tied up when they can be better used elsewhere is an unfortunate situation to be in.

When you sell your house quickly to a direct buyer, you’ll be able to liquidate the property right away, freeing up your funds and being able to use them elsewhere as soon as possible. Don’t let a better opportunity pass you buy because you were stuck waiting around for an offer from a retail buyer that may never come.

Get Out Of Debt Fast

Maybe you inherited a property, or your house has increased in value since you first bought it. Whatever the reason, for anyone dealing with sudden, unexpected bills or substantial amounts of debt, a fast and direct sale of their house can provide the funds they need to pay off any outstanding debt they owe.

Our team at Sunshine State Buyers has worked with local homeowners who are dealing with a sudden illness, loss of a loved one, or who need to sell a house that’s too large for their current needs. Selling your house in Miami doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming, or expensive. Some properties and situations are better handled by selling directly as opposed to a traditional listing.

Find out which selling method will be best for you before committing to a buyer or an agent! Call our office at (305) 916-3328. A member of our team would love to speak with you.
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David Veras was born in Hialeah, Florida and has been involved in Real Estate since February 2019.

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