How Important Is The Asking Price? Selling A Miami House In Florida

Are you planning on selling a property in the 33055, 33009, 33161, 33014, 33124 zip code or anywhere in Florida? If so, one of the first things you’ll likely think about is how much you will sell for – aka the selling price. Homeowners will probably ponder the following questions:

How much should I sell for?

What is my house worth?

Is the asking price important?

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Concerning Real Estate, Every Question Is Valid.

However, there’s one question you should understand first: How important is the asking price when selling a Miami house in Florida?

In this blog post, we’ll answer this question but before we get started, let’s quickly explain the asking price.

When you market a property, you need to set an asking price. The asking price will differ from offers and probably won’t match your end sale price. So, why bother setting an asking price at all? If buyers are going to offer whatever? And the final deal is also different, then what’s the point?

Just, how important is the asking price when selling a house in Miami Florida?

Reveals Information

Your asking price, in comparison to similar houses, will “speak” to potential buyers and reveal information about the property.

If you live in a neighborhood where the average sale price is $100,000, and you’re asking $75,000, what does that say to buyers?

Does the house need renovating? Is it out-dated? Is the owner in a hurry to sell?

What if you live in that same neighborhood but ask $125,000?

Has the house been recently re-decorated? Has the owner installed a brand new kitchen/bathroom?

Attracts and Repels Buyers

A higher price will catch the attention of high-end buyers looking for top quality properties. But it will repel low-end buyers looking for a budget property.

A lower price will appeal to buyers with a smaller budget while also repelling high-end buyers.

There’s nothing wrong with this!

Don’t waste your time and theirs trying to sell to a buyer who knows the property isn’t what they’re looking for.

Use the asking price to attract legitimate buyers who will want to purchase your property.

Starts Negotiations

It’s very rare for a house to sell for exactly the same amount as the asking price. All home sales are negotiations between the seller and the buyer. Or perhaps the seller and buyer’s agents.

The asking price is simply a starting point implying that negotiations should begin here.

As a seller, you might advertise a certain price and then work towards securing higher amount in exchange for conditions that favor the buyer.

At the same time, most buyers will attempt to secure a deal for less than the asking price.

How important is the asking price?

VERY! The asking price can be an extremely useful sales tactic. Not only can you reveal information about your property, set a starting point for negotiations but also attract and repel certain buyers.

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