How Long Will it Take to Sell My Miami House?

Selling your house can be a life-altering experience for some families, especially new homeowners who need to relocate for reasons beyond their control.

That’s why it’s understandable that when most sellers decide to sell, they ask the question:

How long does it take to sell my Miami house?

A Tough Question For Miami Agents To Answer Honestly!

When your work with an agent, there’s no guaranteed timeline to sell and the process can take much longer than other methods – especially a direct sale!

In our latest post, we will take a look at the common problems and delays that slow down the traditional selling route (aka hiring an agent).

If you list through an agent…┃Getting Market Ready

If you decide to sign a deal with an agent and list your Miami house, your agent will tell you to spend some time getting your property market-ready. They’ll want you to clean up, remove personal belongings, make repairs and, in most instances, stage the house in an aesthetically pleasing manner for showings.

If you list through an agent…┃Finding The Right Agent

Find the right agent for you can be a time-consuming milestone to overcome as well. There’s no guarantee you’ll click with the first agent you meet. Do some background research, talk to friends, family, anyone you know who has recently sold their home and speak to a few agents before you decide who to hire.

NOTE: It’s important that you can communicate well with whoever you hire since you could be working with them for several months or more.

If you list through an agent…┃Waiting For A Buyer

Once the house is listed, you are at the mercy of the market. Sometimes properties sell the moment they hit the market, other times sellers have to wait a few months before genuinely interested buyers show up. But in most cases, it’s the latter that’s far more likely.

There’s no guarantee you’ll find a buyer right away or that you’ll get the price you’re asking for. You can never really know exactly how long this part of the process will take, which makes planning for the future difficult.

If you list through an agent…┃The Inspection Process

Once an offer has been made, the buyer’s lender will require an inspection and appraisal.

  • If the appraised value doesn’t match the amount being lent, the loan won’t be approved.
  • If there are problems with the property, you’ll be expected to make additional repairs or negotiate on the price.

You need to plan ahead for these issues if they come up.

Some sellers even opt to pay for an inspection themselves before listing the property. This is a smart move and will help prepare the seller for the buyer’s inevitable inspection.

If you list through an agent…┃Escrow

The amount of time escrow can take will vary depending on the agreements made between the buyer and the seller. The buyer may ask for repairs before signing off on contingencies and the lenders may take some time to fund the loan. Typically escrow can take 2-4 weeks or more.

If you list through an agent…┃Closing

Once the escrow process is complete, both the buyer and seller will need to arrange a mutually agreed upon date in order to sign the paperwork. You’ll be expected to meet at the title company, review all paperwork and last but not least sign the house over.

When You Sell Directly… ┃Get An Offer

When you sell directly to a company like us, Sunshine State Buyers, you’ll receive an offer immediately. It’s then entirely your choice whether or not you accept our offer. We understand you might need some time to mull the offer over in your head or run the numbers.

We will never pressure you into a sale or coerce you into closing too fast. Our aim as Professional House Buyers in Miami is to work together with homeowners to help YOU find a solution that solves YOUR home selling dilemma.

When You Sell Directly… ┃Sold

If you choose to accept our offer, the closing can take place in just a matter of days. With a direct sale to Sunshine State Buyers, you get to avoid listing fees, repairs, commissions, closing costs, and other nasty expenses.

Plus, you’ll finally be able to plan ahead knowing exactly when the deal will go through.

Many homeowners in Miami are starting to realise that a direct sale is a faster and more cost-effective solution. Direct buyers typically purchase properties in AS-IS condition and there’s no need to hire a middle man (aka agent) to represent your home.

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David Veras was born in Hialeah, Florida and has been involved in Real Estate since February 2019.

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