How to Sell Your Florida House Yourself┃A Short Guide

Selling your home is something you might only have to do a few times throughout your life. However, unless your friends with a local Miami real estate agent who might offer to list your property for free or for a substantial discount, it can be a costly, time-consuming process.

Luckily, you found our short guide: How to sell your Florida house yourself in Florida. Perhaps one of the reasons below brought you to our page:

  1. Very little to ZERO equity in your house! Pricey commission fees are not an expense you can afford to cover.
  2. Regardless of equity, you want to save money! Before resorting to hiring a real estate agent, you would like to try and sell your property yourself first. 
  3. You’re in foreclosure! or close… You need to sell now and sell fast! Without incurring a shocking real estate bill at the end. 
  4. No time to wait! Sometimes it can take months to sell a Miami house, especially in this market! You want to avoid the hassle and stress of a lengthy prolonged sale.

Whatever reason caused you to search for solutions online, there are ways YOU can sell your house in the local Miami real estate market.

Since 2013 the housing sector has been recovering at a good pace. It can certainly be profitable to sell your Florida house now – if it’s done the right way. Your marketing strategy needs to be smart and in line with the market. There’s no point setting unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved within this sale.

In this article, we hope we can provide you with the tools you need and guidelines that will help you sell your Miami area house yourself.

Sell Your Miami House By Yourself In Florida: Let’s Get Started

Step #1 Know The Miami Market! 

This first step is crucial! Market research on your neighborhood in the Miami, Florida area should not be overlooked. This step involves:

  1. Visiting various home marketing websites such as ZillowEppraisalChase home value estimator, etc. 
  2. Calling more than one real estate agent to confirm what your home is worth.
  3. Reading up on the various market pricing techniques. 
  4. Included in the next step: Checking to see what similar houses in your area are listed for (or sold for). 

Putting in the time and doing your homework on these issues will allow you to price your house right and steer clear of typical house selling land mines.

If coming up with a price for your property feels like too much hassle, you can give us a call at (305) 916-3328. We can provide you a fair, honest valuation of your home – that’s if you’re planning to wait 3-6+ months for the perfect retail buyer!

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Step #2 Assess the market.

Step #2 is similar to carrying out market research, except this time, you’re channeling your focus and energy to properties like yours and your neighborhood specifically.

  • How many houses are there for sale in your neighborhood?
  • What’s the average listing priced at? Are there any outliers (houses that don’t match the market pattern)? If so, why?
  • Are there a lot of foreclosed properties in your area that might hinder the value of your house?

Finding the answer to all of these queries and more will help you stay one step ahead of the game when marketing your property in Miami.

Step #3 Assess your house.
Is your home market ready?

As a seller, you need to be honest and view your house from the buyer’s perspective. If your house is in excellent condition, great! By identifying unique characteristics and emphasizing your home’s most attractive features, you will likely get a good deal for your property. To give an example of this, a Miami home with driveway parking will stand out more than buildings with only garage parking available. Find out what makes your home desirable over others and go from there.

Or, is it a little old fashioned?

On the other hand, if your house is out-dated and a little run-down, you will have to consider maintenance and repairs. Is your building structurally sound? Does it need to be repainted inside or out? What’s the condition of the roof? Is the landscaping surrounding the property well maintained? Is the house considered old fashioned in any way? All of these issues will make the home more or less attractive depending on the buyer’s requirements, which will alter the amount they’re willing to pay. 

After you’ve properly researched the local area, you’ll be ready to come up with an asking price that is both fair to you and attractive to buyers. You need to be smart and figure out an asking price that will appeal to many buyers. What you don’t want to do is stubbornly decide on a price that’s so high a year will go by before you find a buyer.

Step #4 Use Photos or Videos

Miami buyers are media obsessed. Be proactive and take walk-through tour style videos of your house. Then by using the videos to advertise and market your property online, you will reach a broader market. In fact, it’s considered that these videos can give a clearer depiction of your home, and many buyers prefer them over basic phones. However, this doesn’t mean you can bypass taking pictures altogether. We still advise taking clear, well-lit photos of your home since it’s more affordable than video.

So get started and take some great photographs of your home. Take a picture of every room in the house from more than one angle if needed. Get a good photo of the building outside from a few different viewpoints. Buyers will prefer to see your house and what the building looks like before deciding whether to book a viewing. If your property listing lacks photos of the interior or the actual building, buyers will be more likely to overlook the listing altogether. Great pictures will be the difference between selling this month and selling several months down the road.

Step #5 Get Your House “Listed” On The Local Miami MLS And Market It

These days no or low fee real estate brokers will offer to list your property on the local Miami MLS (multiple listing service) for only a few hundred bucks. This successfully makes your property available to local real estate agents in the area quickly and will help you secure a buyer much faster. Just remember, you may have avoided paying agent fees on your end, but you will have to pay those “buyers” agents a 2-3% broker fee if you plan to accept their support to find a buyer.

On top of this, you should also place ads in the local newspaper, signs on the roads, and hold open house events.

Now, if successfully marketing and selling your Miami house yourself sounds like a LOT of work to take on, that’s because realistically, it is. 

Many Miami house sellers make the rookie mistake of thinking they’re saving money, time, and effort by doing everything themselves when in the end, it can cost just as much money and be even more time-consuming.

When you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, here are some things you need to consider:

Are you a good marketer? 

Can you dedicate yourself to advertising your property the right way? If not, then maybe it’s not a great idea to sell your house without any help. 

Can you prepare marketing materials and get your house ‘market-ready’? 

Can you build a rapport with potential buyers and raise the value of your house from their perspective? An experienced real estate agent may sell your home for 3-8% more than you could alone. 

Have you taken holding costs and ‘opportunity costs’ into consideration?  

Even month that your house is overlooked on the market is another month of:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Tax 
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Bills

If your mortgage is $1,500 a month and $1,300 of that is interest, over several months, you could spend an extra $9,100 essentially throwing money down the drain. This doesn’t even cover taxes, insurance costs and other bills paid during that time.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to sell now?

Yes, you would need to offer a reasonable discount, but after everything is said and done, wouldn’t it work out to be about the same, financially? Plus, if you opt for the quick sale route, you eliminate any effort and wasted time on your part! Something to think about.

If you can see the advantages of selling quickly now for a fair price, without paying any costly commission fees or waiting months on end for a typical retail buyer that may pull out at the last minute, consider getting in touch with us at Sunshine State Buyers.

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