How To Stand Out In A Buyers Market in Florida

Since there are so many viable properties to choose from in a buyer’s market, standing out as a seller can be a challenge.

If you’re looking to sell your Florida home in a buyer’s market, you’re in luck.

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We’ve come up with some great ways to help your home to stand out. No matter the state of the market, with the appropriate strategies in place, you’ll be able to sell quickly and for a good price.

Offer Incentives

You need to offer things your competitors aren’t. Perhaps you offer to cover the closing costs upfront or provide a discount and let buyers fix up the property themselves. You could advertise your home as “furniture-include” or even include some recreational toys. We’ve also seen someone throw in a boat!

Keep in mind that whatever you offer needs to make sense. The last thing you want is offering an incentive that ends up being a burden. Try to think outside the box and add something creative that will attract buyers. If nothing else, make your listing stand out!

Pay for Repairs

If a buyer wants to negotiate repairs, stop them right there. This is your opportunity to show your commitment to the sale. Offer to cover all of the repairs. This is sure to alleviate any concerns your buyer may have about buying the property.

Of course, if you plan to do this, you’ll need to price your home accordingly.

The Price is Right

Every time you lower the price, the alteration is recorded on the MLS. Finding the price history is not hard, and too many changes can give the impression there is something wrong.

Dropping the price a few grand every couple of weeks can make you look desperate. People will assume you’ve not received any interest in the property, and they might start wondering why. Some buyers might even think you haven’t had your home professionally appraised, and you’re just randomly adjusting the price to see if anyone bites.

If you want to drop the price, plan for it, and do it in one bold move. Instead of dropping the price by $2000 repetitively, drop it instead by $15,000, and hold there. This will catch everybody’s attention and let people know you want to sell now.

Use the Right Agent

Don’t choose an agent based on confidence and a fancy website alone. Although these factors are important, you don’t want to fall for the salesman showmanship that so many agents employ.

Instead, work with the firm or agent who not only has a professional profile but also immediately provides you with stats, market reports, and offers to crunch numbers with you until you reach your goals. When an agent tries to “wow” you with an excessively high price, chances are they’re covering up their lack of knowledge and focusing only on what they’ll get from the sale.

Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. Studies show that people decide if they will make an offer within the first few seconds of seeing a property.

A bad first impression will stick with buyers as they tour your property. Everything will be viewed from that initial negative perspective and affect whether or not they put an offer down on your property.

However, with a little raking, weeding, and planting, your curb appeal can change overnight. Curb appeal is your home, as seen from the street. You don’t have to spend a fortune to transform your house. A little bit of effort spent cleaning up over the weekend will suffice.

Clean up any clutter and pull the weeds. Cut back anything that has become overgrown, and plant a few flowers to add a pop of color. Tidy away bikes, the lawnmower, and other garden equipment that’s typically left out. Patio furniture, ornaments, and similar items can stay, but the clutter needs to go.

Having a welcoming front yard will immediately make people feel like the property is well maintained, and they will carry that positivity while they tour your home.

Now is Not The Time To Go Cheap

There is a lot of competition. If you are serious about selling, spend the money on a photographer, and hire a professional stager.

Bad, blurry photos will encourage people to scroll past by your listing, without giving it a second thought. Pictures can describe and highlight the most attractive qualities of your home, and there is a clear, noticeable difference between professional photography and pics you take quickly (in portrait mode*) on your smartphone.

*photographs always look best in landscape.

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David Veras was born in Hialeah, Florida and has been involved in Real Estate since February 2019.

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