Open House Events in Miami┃Pros and Cons

Lot’s of homeowners and real estate agents in and around Miami will recommend you hold an open house to attract buyers and secure a deal on your home. However, how do you really know if hosting an Open House is the right way to market your home? There Are Downsides To Every Home Selling Strategy! … Continued

Prepare to Sell My Miami House Quick

There are many reasons you might need to secure a quick sale in Miami: relocations, financial hardships, or even medical issues. The reason doesn’t really matter, what’s important is understanding that buyers may try to take advantage of your motivated seller status. Preparation Is The Key To A Successful Sale. To avoid this you need to position … Continued

Selling Your House in Miami? Negotiation Tips

Are you thinking about selling your Miami house? Before you list or sell it on your own, you should have a negotiation strategy in place. That way, you’ll always be one step ahead. Facts Will Back Up Your Asking Price. We recommend using concrete facts to validate your asking price. And, don’t forget to take into consideration … Continued

Can I Sell My Home Fast in Miami? 4 Vital Tips!

So you’re in a position where you need to sell your Florida home quickly? Perhaps, you’re going through divorce, recently lost your job or you simply don’t have the time, energy or money to sell the traditional way. Whatever the reason you need to sell fast, you can’t just sit down and wait for the … Continued

My House isn’t Selling in Miami! Help!

Selling a home takes work. Everything must balance perfectly to achieve a sale. The seller, the buyer, the house, the asking price, the contract – everything needs to fall into place to secure a deal in [market)city]. To make this happen, you need to take a good, honest look at your home. Some homes sell … Continued

4 Tips for First Time Miami House Sellers

Chances are you’ve seen the occasional house selling show on TV or real estate signs around the neighborhood, or perhaps you even know a few people who have bought a property in the area. But, knowing and doing are very different when it comes to buying and selling real estate, especially if you’re a first … Continued

Real Estate Disclosures┃What You Have to Legally Disclose in Miami

Real estate disclosures come with many questions for both the buyer and the seller. We recommend you be as honest and open as you possibly can.  Covering Up Problems Can Cause More Damage (financially). Being honest will help you avoid a lawsuit and also make you a trustworthy, stand-up, all-around person. What’s so bad about … Continued

5 Proven Tips to Sell Fast in Miami

When choosing to sell a house in Miami, you’ll likely want the process to be as quick and effortless as possible. After all, time is money, right? You Need To Sell FAST… …to get the highest return on your Miami house. Statistically, the longer your home is listed, the less likely you are to get … Continued

These Upgrades Will Push Buyers Away in Miami!

Are you considering selling your home in Miami? If that’s the case, chances are you’ve been thinking about making a few repairs and upgrades or renovating entirely before you sell. Hold onto that thought! Before you do anything, you should know that not all upgrades are “equal,” – meaning they don’t all offer a worthwhile … Continued

Make Sure Your Contractor is Insured in Miami

Have you wanted to renovate your cramped, outdated kitchen for ages? Has it taken a long time to get the funds together and find the right time to get it sorted? If so, you might be impatiently asking your friends and co-workers if they know a contractor that can get the work. Does this sound … Continued

Use The Internet to Sell Your Miami House

Now, more than ever, people are having success selling their homes online. But, with so many sellers discovering how successful the internet marketplace is, the competition online has become fierce. Check Out Our House Selling Top Tips Below! We’ve put together our favorite tips to help you stand out and sell your home fast! Go … Continued

These Home Improvements Could Make Your Neighbors Enemies in Miami

Every homeowner knows that home improvements transform your home, making it a better and more pleasant place to live as well as increasing its market value. Then, surely, home improvements must be a good thing no matter what, right? In most cases, yes. But don’t be fooled into thinking every simple renovation idea will be … Continued

Tips to Make Your Yard a Selling Point in Miami

A well thought out backyard can be a huge factor when selling your home. It can influence the prospective buyers’ entire perception of the property. As such, a messy, overgrown yard can deter buyers and make a horrible first impression. In our latest blog, we have put together some ideas to make your yard a selling … Continued

5 Miami Home Maintenance Jobs You Should Do This Fall

The yearly frenzy of spring cleaning is long over. The hectic schedule of summer activities and social events is slowly winding down. And, now, it’s about time to kick back and enjoy the crisp fall air, the fireplace, toasted marshmallows, and long relaxing evenings at home. Well, you might want to, but resist the temptation … Continued