Prepare to Sell My Miami House Quick

There are many reasons you might need to secure a quick sale in Miami: relocations, financial hardships, or even medical issues. The reason doesn’t really matter, what’s important is understanding that buyers may try to take advantage of your motivated seller status.

Preparation Is The Key To A Successful Sale.

To avoid this you need to position your property right. Here are the best preparations for selling your house quickly in Miami.

How to Prepare to Sell My House Quick In Miami
Smart List Pricing

If you are indeed trying to liquidate this property quickly, it’s best to realize now that fair market value for your home is not attainable. Instead, work with a reputable real estate agent who can evaluate the current market and list your home just under that threshold to capture maximum attention from potential buyers.

Remember that these days with everything accessible via the internet, buyers are doing a lot of research themselves. Making sure your home is priced competitively and great value in terms of the size, condition, and location will help you create a buzz and sell your Florida house quickly.

Clear It Out

If your home is crammed full with a lifetime of knick-knacks, family photos, gadgets, and holiday souvenirs, it will not sell fast.

Clutter does not make a home feel open and inviting. So grab a load of boxes and pack away absolutely anything and everything you do not need for the next several months. Rent a storage unit or consider this an opportunity to donate things you don’t use to charity. Either way, if you don’t use it, need it or want it, get rid of it.

The hallways, doors, entrances should all be clutter-free. Neutral decorative items are okay but nothing personal and unique to you: clean bathroom counters and medicine cabinets. Toss out old magazines from under the coffee table and donate clothes that you haven’t worn in years.

Get rid of bulky and dated furniture that takes up too much room. If it helps imagine you’re streamlining your home in order to optimize the buyer’s viewing experience.

Clean Top to Bottom

Once you clear out the clutter, you will find an overwhelming amount of dust bunnies, grime, and just plain ick! Now what’s needed is a thorough clean from top to bottom. Go beyond what you would usually do in a 30 minute quick clean and dedicate an entire weekend or week to ensure your home sparkles.

Scrub bathroom and kitchens spotless. Toilets, bathtubs, and showers should be clean and free of any stains, residue, or build-up. Vacuum, sweep and mop all tile and hardwood floors. Carpets may need professional cleaning equipment to remove stains and to ensure there are no lingering odors that you’ve simply grown accustomed to.

If the walls are dirty, mix together a diluted bleach solution and wipe them down. Make sure all windows and screens are clear with the drapes pulled back. Natural light works wonders on an open plan living room or spacious bedroom.

Once the interior is like new, you can start on the exterior. Clear out any overgrown trees, bushes, and weeds. Keep the lawn regularly maintained and consider planting some low-maintenance flowers that will add a pop of color to your garden. Remove clutter that’s strewn around your yard and slowly spreading into the porch, patio, and decking area. Bikes, garden tools, backpacks, and shoes left dumped on the floor do not create a pleasant atmosphere for buyers.

Get the Best Photos

Have a quick look through real estate websites and take note of what homes catch your eye. They’ll be a ton of homes where the bathroom counter looks like a pharmacy, the kitchen looks like it’s about to catch fire and the yard looks like it’s under siege. Would you race to see those home?

Probably not. Chances are, only a few properties caught your attention. But, what was it about those properties that made you look twice? Our guess: professional-grade photography and a beautifully staged clutter-free house.

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