Real Estate Agents VS. Investors! 3 Ways To Tell Them Apart

Are you thinking about selling your house? Don’t be surprised when you get approached by lots of different people offering you support.

Selling a property in any market often involves forming connections with people in real estate, from buyers, investors to agents and brokers. Remember, though, not everyone can or will support you in the same way.

To help explain this issue, today’s article will look at the differences between real estate agents and investors. Plus, we’ve put together 3 ways to help you tell them apart in Miami!

Keep reading to learn more and find out why your situation might be more suited to working with an agent instead of an investor or visa versa.

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Agents VS. Investors┃ Miami

List Versus Buy!

The quickest way to tell if you’re dealing with an agent or investor is to ask them what they plan to do with the property:


A real estate agent represents your house, lists it on your behalf, and tries to find a buyer. They’ll also hold viewings for you, and show potential buyers around your home.

An investor, on the other hand, isn’t going to list your house.

An investor is a buyer! They will buy directly from you – no middle man – no hassle.

Timeline To Sell!

Another way to tell an agent apart from an investor is to inquire about their timeline to buy.

A reputable agent shouldn’t give you a date, because they need to find a buyer first.

In many cases, you might have to wait 3-12 months to find the right buyer.

An investor, however, can tell you immediately how long it will take to sell your house since they ARE the buyer and not representing someone else.

Fees Or No Fees!

This one is crucial! An agent earns money by working hard to market your house, find you a buyer and sell the property for you.

After which, you have to pay agent fees on the sale which could be anywhere around 6%!! On a $100,000 house this would be $6,000!

A reputable investor, however, will have no hidden costs or commission fees. That’s because an investor makes their money by renting the house out, or fixing it up and selling it on.

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Finally, if you’re still not sure who you’re dealing with, just ask!

An investor is not a middle man! They don’t represent you, other homeowners, or other buyers, and as a result, they can tell you exactly when they want to purchase your home. An investor buys directly from you and usually doesn’t have to rely on a bank for funding. Plus, they make their money by selling the property on or transforming the building into a rental. This means NO commission fees!

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David Veras was born in Hialeah, Florida and has been involved in Real Estate since February 2019.

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