Sell Your Miami House┃Real Estate Photography and Staging 101

Fantastic professional standard photography and stunning staging strategies will make a huge difference, affecting the price you are offered and the timeframe you sell.

Putting in a little extra effort, hiring a photographer and professionally staging your home will typically pay for itself and then some. That’s why we’ve put this article together to offer you the best advice before listing your Miami property].

Before The Photos! Before The Viewings!

Call a professional. Dont leave anything up to chance.

To ensure you get the maximum benefits from staging and photography, you need to rely on a professional photographer and stager.

You’ll need to hire both to get the desired results you’re looking for. A photographer, although great with a camera, might not be brilliant at arranging furniture or noticing what needs to be taken down for the shoot.

A professional stager, on the other hand, will know exactly what your home needs to create an attractive and appealing layout but won’t know how to best utilize the light or capture the best angle.

But by bringing these two professionals together you will be able to transform your home and give it the aesthetic and visual look it needs to sell.

Bad photography will have lasting consequences…

Whenever anyone clicks on a listing, photos of the property and the floor plan are typically what gets looked at first.

No one cans how spacious and clean you can describe your kitchen, they want to SEE it. And great photos are the easiest way to show off you property and ensure that buyers dial your number ASAP!

Everyone’s seen those terribly akward ads that leave you thinking:

OMG! The photos are so bad. That angle doesn’t even cover half the room…

And you can tell right away that the homeowner has tried to cut corners and save money by taking the pics themselves.

You could rely on your agent to take the pics. But agents are essentially salesman NOT photographers. Although some agents have a good eye, nothing can compete with hiring a professional photographer.

Trust us. Hiring a professional will easily pay for itself. Just bear in mind that a photographer is NOT a stager. They are not there to clean up or position items throughout your home. They are there to capture the best photos of what “is”.

Get that “Magazine Vibe” With a Professional Stager!

Professional staging is still largely seen as a “boutique” service, or something only used by people in big cities. But the truth is that staging has a HUGE impact on your ability to successfully sell your home.

People largely buy based on emotion and how they feel about your property. So it’s best to create a neutral environment, without all the clutter of your unique tastes.

Some stagers will refurnish and decorate a whole house. However, you can just focus on the two main rooms in the house.

A stager may bring in additional pieces or opt to rearange the items you already have in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. At the end of the day, the goal is to maximize the perceived value of the home.

Tip #1 Declutter

We can’t reiterate enough how important it is to DECLUTTER! Buyers do not want to see your personal stuff lying around or distracting photos of your fabulous holiday. It can leave people feeling in the way as if they are intruding on your home. They may even on some level subconsciously want to leave as quickly as possible which is NOT what you want at all.

Tip #2 Say Goodbye To Personal Junk

Well just for a little bit. We’re not saying you should throw away fancy heirlooms that have been in the family for generations. But boxing up and putting some things away like photos, awards, personalized ornaments, bills, and paperwork will make people feel more comfortable. Don’t forget religious and political items as well!

Your goal is to make people feel as if they could live there. They need to be able to easily imagine themselves in the space, which will be all the more difficult with your junk lying around. Although your kid’s drawings have value in your eyes, they won’t add any perceived value to your home.

Tip #3 Don’t Neglect the Exterior!

No matter how gorgeous the interior of your home is if the exterior looks like something out of a horror film, you have a problem.

That initial first impression of your property will last with buyers as they view your home. And whether they know it or not will affect how they judge your house. That’s why it’s always a good idea to spend time fixing up the outside as well as the inside.

When your ready to have some pictures taken, don’t leave your cars in the driveway, instead park them down the street.

You want buyers looking at the HOUSE, not gossipping about how nice or “not nice” your car is. Plus, they say buyers make a decision in mere seconds of seeing your home.

That’s why it pays to clean up the front yard, plant a few flowers, and refresh the front porch. The backyard should also be clear of clutter, with a warm and inviting feel. People should want to spend their time there!

Tip # 4 Keep it Tidy… Super Tidy

You never really know what other people’s cleaning standards are. And a good rule of thumb is to best them all by sticking to a high standard of cleanliness throughout your home. Think about how you would expect a hotel or Air B&B to look upon arrival. That clean and inviting feel is what you should strive for!

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