Selling Land VS. Selling Property In Florida

Do you have land to sell in Miami? If so, you might be shocked to learn that selling land is different from selling a house.

There are key differences between selling land and selling a house from marketing, preparation, and gathering information. You might not have realized before, but when you own property (land) and decide to sell, different factors can affect the sales process.

Discover The Differences Between Selling Land & Real Estate Below!

This article aims to tackle the issue in more depth and discuss 4 reasons why selling land is different from selling a house in Florida.

Selling Land Vs. Selling Your House In Florida
#1. You’ll Need A Geological Survey

When it comes down to it, selling a house is about selling the building. Land, on the other hand, can have more potential. The buyer might want to buy the land for:

  • Mining
  • Farms
  • Recreation
  • Development

Or some other purpose.

This means you’ll probably need to provide the buyer with geological data:

  • Soil samples
  • Landscaping
  • Water samples
  • Grading

A survey contains vital information that will help the buyer understand whether the property meets their requirements.

#2. You’re Marketing To A Different Buyer

Selling a house usually involves marketing your property towards “retail buyers.”

Retail Buyer: Someone who plans to live in the property themselves.

However, more often than not, you won’t sell land to a “retail buyer.”

Recreation may be the only land-buying-reason that falls under a retail buyer.

If you’re selling the land for recreational purposes, then a retail buyer will enjoy the space for fishing, dog walking, camping, and so on.

If the land sells for development, then your buyer will be an investor.

Finding out who you’re land suits makes it easy to spread the word and market your land to the right people.

#3. You Must Identify The Development Potential

The secret to successfully selling a house is to encourage buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

The secret to selling land is to help buyers see the development potential.

For example, you might want to tell buyers how the city is growing towards the empty land. This makes it a perfect spot to develop a new community someday, or you might show the potential buyer a geological sample that proves the land is ideal for farming.

#4. You Can Skip The Structure Inspection

Selling a house requires guaranteeing the structural integrity of the property.

Buyers may want to see inspection reports that detail the potential risk of:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Mold
  • Termites

Buyers will want to know the building is safe and will continue to be safe for them to live in.

But when you’re selling land, these factors don’t matter.

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