Staging Tips To Help You Sell Your Florida House Fast

Staging your home is vitally important when you’re trying to sell a property in Miami and the surrounding area. Homeowners tend to think this involves renovations and expensive upgrades, but there are ways to transform your home ready for sale without needing a loan.

Take Advantage Of Our Low-Cost Home Selling Tips And Strategies

A little time and effort are all that’s needed to make your home stand out and look truly beautiful. Luckily, we’ve put together some of the best staging tips to help you sell your Flordia home fast.

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Hide The Clutter & Personal Items.

Your house needs to feel homey but without dirty laundry in the washer and shoes thrown about the entry hall. Plus, too many personal items can make prospective buyers feel as if they are intruding.

It’s a good idea to limit photographs and other personal items like backpacks, paperwork, and purses. Plus, kids’ toys, drawings, and holiday gimmicks will feel messy to potential buyers. Instead, put out some books, flowers, or other decorative, non-personalized art. Make them feel as if it could be their home the moment they walk in the door.

The goal here is to avoid making them feel uncomfortable as they walk in the door. A clean, tidy, clutter-free staged property is the first step.

Appeal To All The Senses.

When a potential buyer books a viewing to see your home, it’s not just about what they see with their eyes. Emotional cues and other senses play a big role in how people will perceive your home.

Awkward silence is – well, awkward. Consider playing some music softly in the background (nothing overly dramatic). Perhaps, light a candle that smells like freshly baked cookies or clean linens. Have a soft and cozy blanket folded up nicely on the couch alongside some soft, comfy cushions.

Doing these things will make your home feel welcoming, and buyers will be more likely to enjoy viewing your property. You never know; they may even stick around long enough to make you an offer!

Give Each Room a Purpose.

Do you have an office that’s also a spare room, with a TV, plus kid’s toys, that’s also used as a storage room?

Every household has got that one room that’s multi-functional, which can work for them. But for a house viewing, it’s best to give each room one focus. For instance, a guest room/office can subconsciously make buyers feel cramped. They may even perceive the property to be lacking in space.

You should make a choice and separate multi-functional rooms.

Is your house a straightforward three-bedroom property?


Is your house a two bed with a personal study/home office?

If you have an unutilized space, consider making it something fun like a game room or library. It may not be exactly how YOU live in the property, but the goal is to show potential buyers how THEY could make the best of the space you have.

Deep Clean & Make Small Repairs.

Do you have a crooked shelf? Or a squeaky step? Maybe a leaky faucet?

If you’re DIY handy small repairs can be carried out by yourself at a reasonable cost. Some small touch-ups to paint, dings in the wall, or a power wash to the driveway can really transform the appearance of any property.

Now is a great time to wipe down the baseboards, rake the leaves, and finally clean those stains out of the carpet. Remember, some buyers can be notoriously judgemental and will pick apart your cherished home in the most critical manner (silently, of course).

Stop this by fixing as many issues as you can. The last thing you want is to let buyers get distracted by a hard-to-open window that causes them to miss how beautiful the rest of the room is. Don’t let them remember each room based on a negative quality.

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