These Home Improvements Could Make Your Neighbors Enemies in Miami

Every homeowner knows that home improvements transform your home, making it a better and more pleasant place to live as well as increasing its market value.

Then, surely, home improvements must be a good thing no matter what, right?

In most cases, yes. But don’t be fooled into thinking every simple renovation idea will be worthwhile.

Home Improvements Can Cause More Issues Than They Fix.

Some home improvements could even make enemies out of your neighbors in Miami and need to be carried out with care.


Fixing Drainage Problems

Do you have a low spot of ground in your backyard that retains too much water during wet periods? Perhaps, it’s so bad that it makes your garden virtually unusable for long periods and causes a health hazard when mosquitoes move in. If that’s the case, it might be about time to do something about it. The problem is, though, the water needs somewhere to go.

If fixing the drainage in your yard means that water starts to drain into your neighbor’s, get ready for problems (especially if they’re the type of household that maintains a pristine garden).

If your neighbor starts causing issues and threatens legal action, you do have recourse to the “reasonableness rule.” This rule holds that if a neighbor sues, they will be responsible for providing the necessary evidence. Evidence that demonstrates that you actively did something “unreasonable” in altering your property to cause harm to theirs.

Planting Ornamental Trees

Every family wants to make their home their own by adding a bit of character to it. Homeowners tend to express this desire in the form of landscaping – more specifically – ornamental trees. But, certain trees can end up driving your neighbors mad in Miami.

Take Bradford pears, for instance. They may be absolutely gorgeous in bloom. But despite their beauty, these trees create an overpowering, almost “masculine” smell. Plus, they are notorious for shedding brittle branches everywhere, even into your neighbor’s yard.

Other trees can also attract certain insects. What happens if your neighbor enjoys picnics or BBQs in the garden? Yet, for some reason this summer (your new plants), bees and wasps keep landing all over the food.

Planting ornamental trees may seem like a good idea, but it can have some major neighbor-related drawbacks.

Adding a Room

You’ve been saving money and cutting back over the last few years, but now you’ve finally got enough money together to build that extension. You’ve got the plans drawn up, and you’ve started discussing the work with a contractor.

But, before starting construction work that could last months, be aware that you may have problems with your neighbors.

They will understandably be annoyed that the house next door has been turned into a loud, unsightly job site. There will be trucks from the lumber yard making deliveries, the whine and growl of power tools, workers shouting, and the staccato noise of hammers and nail guns.

Obviously, you’re within your right to build an extension, but constant drilling, banging and construction work is likely to drive your neighbors a little mad, especially if they live and work from home, or work night shifts and sleep during the day. They may also be upset when the work is done since your extension now obstructs their view.

Installing a Pool

Do you have a big vacant yard that would be transformed by adding an in-ground swimming pool? Perhaps, you’ve always dreamed of owning your own pool with decking around the outside, a diving board, and lounging chairs perfect for enjoying the summer months.

Envy can build up gradually over time and turn into resentment quickly. If your neighbors can’t afford to install a pool themselves, seeing your pool every single day, and the noise it brings, will inevitably annoy them. Pool parties, BBQs, loud music – a swimming pool invites noise during the summer. If you’ve got kids, your house will be where all their friends want to go after school and on the weekend. It can’t be helped.

Plus, it’s hard to enjoy a pool party without being loud.

While it is true there are home improvements that could turn your neighbors into your enemies in Miami, you shouldn’t let that put you off renovating your home. Using the right approach, you can move forward with your home-improvement plans without creating any “neighbor issues.”

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