Tricks of the Trade: Sell Land Online For Free In Florida

Do you own vacant land? Are you wondering if you can sell land in this area or struggling to work out whether you can sell land online for free in Florida?

If so, don’t fret! We’re here to tell you…

YOU CAN! Read Our Land Selling Tips & Strategies Below.

You probably came across our page because you’re looking for viable selling options! Well, stick around. In this short article, we take a look at how to sell land online for free in Florida.

How Most People Sell Land

For most people selling real estate is all the same. Whether it’s vacant land, buildings, houses, or any other type of real estate, people tend to lean towards the agent selling route first.

For vacant land, the agent route is very similar to selling a family house or apartment. There is technically a “listing process” where you, as the seller, contracts a real estate agent to market your property on your behalf. The agent then lists your property on a site similar to MLS (multiple listing service), and they’ll advertise your site to attract buyers. After this, they’ll show prospective buyers around your site and negotiate to get the deal you want. All the paperwork will be taken care of for you as well.

In theory, this process is a safe option, aiming for the highest possible selling price or “market price” for your real estate. However, in truth, it’s not always this straightforward.

Unfortunately, the problem is the real estate agent. Once the land deal goes through, you have to (of course) pay a hefty commission fee for all their hard work. Although a reputable agent will be deserving of that pay, commission fees can often cost thousands of dollars or more. For many landowners, that’s a lot of money that could have been better spent elsewhere! 

So it’s no surprise that vacant landowners – who have land to sell – are trying to find alternative options and searching for ways to sell their property online for free in Florida. If you’re one of these landowners, our Company, Sunshine State Buyers can help! Click here to get in touch with us and find out how you can sell land online for free in Florida.

How to sell land online for FREE in Florida

Working through an agent is not necessarily a bad choice, but here at Sunshine State Buyers, we recommend looking at all your options before making a decision. For instance, a typical agent is usually VERY busy trying to organize and stay on top of multiple houses for sale with numerous clients. Plus, they may struggle to find the right buyer for uncultivated, raw land. That’s why many landowners are taking matters into their own hands and selling their real estate online for FREE in Florida!

You can opt for the entirely do-it-yourself route. This involves taking great pictures of your land, posting them online, and searching for a buyer yourself! Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great place to start and get the word out! You can even build your own Facebook page or free website to attract buyers.

However, if you want a FAST, straightforward, hassle-free solution, then working directly with a Professional Land Buyer is the route you should take! At Sunshine State Buyers, we specialize in buying raw land from sellers like you. Companies like us are not agents! So, you can forget about the time-consuming and costly approach of hiring an agent to represent your land. 

At Sunshine State Buyers, we are buyers! That means we are ready and happy to purchase your land instantly. Plus, this method operates online so that you can do most of your due diligence from the comfort of a PC or laptop! Then, when you’re ready, you can reach out and contact a Professional Land Buyer. 

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