Try this NEW WAY to Sell Your Home in Miami

Are you planning on selling your Miami house? Before you commit to an agent or have a go selling it yourself, you should check out this NEW WAY to sell your home in Miami!

For most people, the thought of selling their Miami house will likely involve uploading their property on the MLS (multiple listing service) and rely on a locally based agent.

But, before you decide to sell this way, take a look at the hard numbers! The agent-selling route is not always as financially attractive as you might think. Plus, there are a number of ways your can sell your home, and each of them will impact you differently – both financially and mentally!

So, what is this NEW WAY to sell homes in Miami?

Selling Your House DIRECT To A Qualified Buyer.

Skipping the agent (middle man)!

Not only will you save money on marketing, listing, repairs and closing costs, but you won’t have to wait for the money to come through!

Imagine being able to sell your Miami house in UNDER a month! NO STRESS. NO HASSLE. Just a straightforward sale.

We’ve listed some of the benefits below! Take a look.

No 6% Commission Fees┃You’re selling directly to the buyer. There’s no agent. No middle man. No one representing your house that takes a large chunk of YOUR money. When you cut out the agent, you cut out the commission fees involved.

No Marketing Costs┃You’re not listing your property on the open market. That means you don’t have to pay a dime in advertising costs either online or in print. No flyers, leaflets, posters in local shops, or even social media posts. You don’t have to work tirelessly to find potential buyers. Plus, there are no photography costs or fees of any sort to worry about either.

No Staging Costs┃Experienced sellers will tell you that to successfully secure a deal on the open market, you need to hire a professional home stager to help showcase your property. Even if you only do this for a couple of rooms, the fees can add up. Another cost you don’t need to worry about if you sell to a direct buyer.

No Time or Money Spent Cleaning┃A big part of listing your Miami house is keeping it clean – and when we say “clean,” we mean spotless 5-star hotel clean. People will come by right at the last minute to view your home. And your house needs to be ready for these short-notice guests. Buyers do NOT want to see personal belongings, clutter, mess, or anything that makes them feel unwelcome. Keeping everything boxed up in storage and leaving at a moments notice can be stressful for a lot of home sellers. When you sell to us at Sunshine State Buyers, there’s NO cleaning required. Simply box up what you need and we will handle the rest!

No Repairs Required┃When you sell directly to us, at Sunshine State Buyers, you absolutely do NOT need to worry about repairs or upgrades. The traditional home selling route often forces you to fix up the home both before and after the inspection. That’s not the case when you work with a Professional Home Buyer. We will buy your house in AS-IS condition and take care of any repairs or upgrades AFTER the sale has gone through.

No Landscaping┃Too many inexperienced sellers focus on the interior and forget how important the exterior (curb appeal) of the property really is. In some ways, the outside is more important. That initial first impression will set the tone for each and every viewing. For a traditional sale, you need to keep the lawn mowed, pull up weeds, and get rid of any clutter lying around such as garden tools or your kid’s bikes. Luckily, when you work with us, you don’t have to worry about any of this!

End Maintenance Costs Immediately┃From a faulty shelf to new A/C filters, the things you might see as small expenses can add up quickly. Ending these costs now instead of several months down the line will help you save more money in the long run!

No More Monthly Costs┃If you own a property, you’re probably well aware of how much you fork out each month in bills, insurance, taxes and mortgage costs. When you list your home with an agent, there’s no telling how long you need to keep covering these costs. Even if you’ve moved out, you need to keep the utilities switched on for buyers. Running the AC all week on a property no one lives in during the height of summer is one expense we’re sure every seller would love to avoid.

Get Paid Right Away┃When you sell to a direct buyer such as us, at Sunshine State Buyers, we tell you upfront exactly what we’ll offer you and when we can close on that deal! We don’t work with any third-party lenders or deal with “red-tape”. We don’t need approval from a bank which means we can pay you in days – not weeks – not months. By selling directly, you can move on with your life quickly without the hassle and uncertainty of a traditional sale.

Peace of Mind┃With a traditional sale you will have to question how much you will be offered and when. Plus, negotiating can be stressful. And, when you do accept, it can still fall through at the last minute, especially if your buyer borrowing money from a bank. When you sell to us, we have the funds available to pay you right away! You don’t have to panic about the financing falling through, or the buyer backing out or anything going wrong at the last minute.

The benefits of selling to a direct buyer are numerous! For many people, it’s the simple, HASSLE-FREE way of selling that they’ve been dreaming of!

We encourage you to run the numbers to find out if it makes sense for you!

Before listing, learn more about the new way to sell your home in Miami!
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David Veras

David Veras was born in Hialeah, Florida and has been involved in Real Estate since February 2019.

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