Who can I Sell My Miami House to for Cash in Florida?

In this economy, selling a property is certainly no walk in the park. If you’re struggling with the possibility of foreclosure, then chances are you’re trying to figure out, “Who can buy your home with CASH in Miami? 

Well, worry no more! Out of several viable options that you can explore, here are the three most common ways to sell your home for cash. They’re definitely worth taking a look at. 

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Find Out Who You Can Sell Your House To For CASH Below!

#1┃ SELL FAST FOR CASH to a local Investor

If your financial situation is not at its best and you need to find a buyer QUICK, then our Company – Sunshine State Buyers – may be the option for you.

We are a local Home Buying Firm based in Miami, and we purchase properties in AS-IS condition – no repairs necessary. If you understand the benefits of selling fast NOW for less than retail value, then we would love to make you a fair ALL-CASH OFFER on your property.

But if you’ve got your heart set on getting the best price that the market can offer you, then take a look at option #2. Though, you need to consider that it can take over several months to successfully sell a property the traditional way with a real estate agent. If you can afford to wait, then keep on reading. Or, if you need to sell fast, you can call us directly at (305) 916-3328.

#2┃SELL FAST FOR CASH with an Agent

If you’re not in any particular hurry and can wait for the right retail buyer to come along, then listing your local Miami house in Florida with a real estate agent can be a great option.

Just remember you will have to pay 3-6% in real estate commissions on the sale.

To get started, ask at least five local Miami agents to assess your home. You’ll also want to ask them to show you properties similar to yours that they recently sold for cash. You should settle for an experienced agent that will list your home on as many property websites as possible. This will help broaden your audience and expand your market reach. Of course, they also need to post it on the local Miami are MLS (multiple listing service).

Another great way to gain more attention is to ensure that your agent advertises your home in any local publications that buys typically read (newspapers, etc.) You could even consider offering an incentive to the agent if they manage to find a buyer within a specified time frame. Be careful when making this offer! Work out your finances beforehand. You will still have to pay the real estate commissions on top of your incentive. So, make sure you total both into your overall costs. 

#3┃SELL FAST FOR CASH with an FSBO Listing

According to experts, 90% of all property-related searches now start on the internet. This leads us straight into our third option: selling real estate without the representation of a real estate broker or real estate agent – FSBO (For Sale By Owner). If you have time on your hands and are free to show potential buyers around your house at their convenience, then selling your Miami home the FSBO way may be right for you.

There are plenty of internet real estate agents that can get market your property on their websites. You might even find an agent willing to let you purchase a listing on the MLS for $300-$500. On top of these options, you could consider posting your property on sites like Craigslist as well as online property directories in your area. It’s imperative that your listing wherever you post it contains numerous clear photos that portray your home well. There’s nothing more annoying than coming across a great property online to find that the pictures are blurry, poorly lit, or simply non-existent. 

So, who can I sell my home to for cash in Miami?

Instead of worrying about WHO you should sell your property to, the main thing you need to decide right now is HOW fast you want to sell your Miami home. You need to realize that there are multiple ways to sell a house quickly for cash. And what matters most is which route you choose to take. If you don’t mind waiting 3-6 months, and you can comfortably afford to pay the real estate agent fees, you should list your house with an agent.

But, if covering expensive commission fees stretches your finances too thin, and you can’t wait several months to sell a property for full retail value, then get in contact with a reputable Local Real Estate Buyer like us at Sunshine State Buyers. To make an informed decision regarding how you should sell your home, the first step should be expanding your knowledge and learning more about selling properties for cash. Click here to find out more Home For Cash Selling Tips. Or, you can fill in the short form below for a fast-fair ALL CASH offer on your home.

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Or, click here to fill out our short form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a fast, fair ALL-CASH offer on your home.

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