Why Your House Won’t Sell The Traditional Way In Miami

Do you have a property that is just sitting on the MLS?

It can happen to a lot of homeowners! And usually, the reasons why it isn’t generating as much interest as you hoped are quite similar.

Find Out Why Your House Isn’t Selling.

In our latest post, we’ll help you figure out what could be holding your property back and why it isn’t selling the traditional way in Miami!

Bad Listing

A listing can be an eyesore in several ways. The biggest issue we see all the time is bad pictures – and when we say bad, we mean dirty houses, clutter on the floor, terrible lighting and overall just awful photos that definitely DON’T sell the house.

We understand that it might be hard to move all your stuff for every photo, at least clean the property and pick up stuff that’s lying on the floor. The typical culprits are children’s toys, shoes, laundry, bags, magazines, paperwork, and even phones, tablets, or laptops.

You need to have great photos or your house just won’t attract anywhere near as much attention as it should. You see it time and time again… bad photos can ruin a house’s chance of being sold.

Another listing issue is the description. The write-up should clearly describe the house without sounding fake or like every other listing on the market. It should capture attention while clearly outlining what to expect with the property.

With a direct sale to us, at Sunshine State Buyers, a bad listing is never an issue. Why? Because you don’t need to write a stellar ad to sell your home. We buy properties directly from you in AS-IS condition – no listing required.

Incorrectly Priced

While most agents will be honest about what your house will sell for, there are others who will inflate the asking price to coerce you into sign a listing agreement. 

Do the research yourself and get more than one opinion from different agents. Look at what comparable homes have sold for – not the asking price. You’ll soon find out which agent has inflated the price just to get a contract with you.

Don’t forget to factor in the repair costs, and be objective in your pricing. When you list too high, the property will sit there, eventually forcing you to lower the price. This will push your listing to the bottom of the page and make people wonder whether there’s a problem.

Plus, the longer it takes to sell, the more you end up paying to cover taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance costs.

By selling quickly with a direct sale, you’ll avoid covering monthly expenses that can add up significantly if your home sits on the MLS for any length of time.

Needs Work

Most people looking for a house will want it to be “turnkey,” which isn’t a phrase you hear every day.

A turnkey property is a fully renovated home or apartment building that an investor can purchase and immediately rent out.


Moving is hard enough on its own and the last thing homeowners want to deal with is a massive renovation or project on a new property. One way to get around this is to offer a credit for repairs. This will at least free up some cash, so the new owners can afford to customize the property to their tastes.

If you want to avoid time-consuming repairs or offering buyers a credit, consider selling your home directly to a company like ours at Sunshine State Buyers.

A Bad Agent

While there are many excellent agents out there, not all of them are as great as they would like you to think.

Some are inexperienced and don’t have the expertise to truly offer you the advice you need. Other agents won’t have a clue how to effectively market your home. And some will have lost their passion for the industry which means they’ll lack the motivation needed to track down buyers.

So many sellers end up kicking themselves for signing a listing agreement with an agent that they weren’t 100% sure on. If your agent isn’t pulling their weight, there’s not much you can do. You are legally bound to cover their commission fee when the house sells.

However, with a direct offer from Sunshine State Buyers, there are no listing or marketing contracts. And absolutely NO commission fees. We make you an offer and then you decide if its right for you – no strings attached.

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David Veras

David Veras was born in Hialeah, Florida and has been involved in Real Estate since February 2019.

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